Made it to Arkansas

I made it to Little Rock. After an adventure-full two and half weeks I arrived at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center.

To start, lets take a step back. The road trip out to Arkansas was fantastic. 9 days across 8 states, 3 national parks and 1 national monument, 3506 miles driven, 1 entire pizza eaten across 2 days, a lot of gas fill-ups, 1 bear sighting, and over 60 hours sitting in a truck that wouldn’t go faster than 78 miles an hour. I made it. Alive….And then upon arriving at 8 o’clock in the evening, I had to wake up at 3 A.M to fly to New York for orientation.

Orientation was a good time to get to know what I truly got myself into. The host camp was Stony Point Conference Center, located about an hour north of New York City, and about 20 minutes south of West Point. Our national coordinators from Louisville were there to greet us as we got settled in.  The material they presented was challenging and new and how to prepare ourselves for the upcoming year. They often referred to it as “disorientation”, a common phrase now used amongst the YAVs. But over all it was an exciting time to get to know 68 other young adults going all over the country and world and seeing what their experiences were before the orientation and during. After the week in Stony Point, we the YAVs , headed out to our placements.   

Coming to the present, Ferncliff has a wonderful house in which the YAVs stay and live in. We have had a week of camp orientation to get to know what we will be doing in the community and around the camp. The two other YAVs that I get to participate in this adventure with Ashley and Katee (pictures of us doing stuff will be coming soon). This week Little Rock has had about 90 degree temperature with about 80% humidity but today it is the first pleasant day outside. The garden and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance building are both nice and a welcome challenge to see what the future holds.


As for now

Chris Utterback


(pictures will arrive shorty)


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