Pictures from the road trip

starting left and down towards right hand column

1.Crater lake, as I approached it during the evening of day 2

2.Crater lake at night, there was a full moon

3.The ghost ship

4.The water is actually this blue.

5.More crater lake, from the west side

6.Detroit lake, Detroit, Oregon

7.Colombia Gorge

8.Craters of the Moon, National Monument

9.Top of Inferno cone, looking north

10.Looking east

11.Inferno cone southwest face

12.View from the lava tube caves

13.Old faithful, at night, Yellowstone National Park


15.East side of the park

16.The Little Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Falls

17.One of the many prismatic pools

18.Grand Tetons, National Park, Colter Bay

19.Grand Tetons at sunrise

20,21,22.Hiking to Bradley Lake

23,24.At Bradley Lake


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