A head of cabbage and the death of my grandfather.

I’ve been putting off writing for a time now. With everything going on since my last post. I haven’t the slightest clue on the many things going on and how to write about it. From the election results, to the garden slowing down, and my grandfather passing away the day after veterans day, thanksgiving, the leaving of Marie for a real job to be pastor at Second Pres., neutering the sheep, PCCCA having their annual conference here at Ferncliff, and the stewing of my brain as day to day life here in Arkansas.

Other things I missed. The Christmas parade, getting worms, getting fresh vegetables from the “water veggie guy”, the standing rock site, going to petite jean for hiking.


I would like to thank everyone who supported my family and continues to support them as they continue with life without Charles. I could not be there. I got to see him the week before he past away from pneumonia. The last thing I told him was that I’ll see him soon. But the rest of these things mulling in my head are best left for speech and not paper. Sorry.

The garden has produced. Over 50 pounds of broccoli, 70 pounds of cabbage, 35 pounds of green beans, 20 pounds of peas, and a myriad of other vegetables,  it finally frosted on the 12th of November, killing off most of the plants. Only the brussle sprouts are left and I fear they got in the ground a little late to produce a viable crop.

PCCCA had their annual conference here in early November. It was nice seeing the camp active and alive with everyone milling around. Equally nice was getting to have a relaxed work schedule and getting to go to the different meetings. Also getting to meet people around the country, and Canada, and seeing what their camps are run like.

The Election. I tread into turbulent waters here, but all I ask is that the opinion pieces from the news/newspapers/huffingtonpost/clickbaity websites/and such, get competly destroyed. Facts. Facts are good. I do not care what you think about Trump, or Clinton, or Sanders, or Bush or Romney, or Regan, or FDR, or Coolidge, or any of them, or how angry you are, or how sad, mad, glad, frustrated, or any other emotion you are. It doesn’t matter. What Trump is going to do, is probably different than what he said he is going to do. But, if you don’t like something that he has done. THEN GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Quit being on facebook and being outraged, and tagging your self in the standing rock site. If it takes no energy, it will make no difference. To actually make a difference you need to go out and put out energy and express your views not on facebook. If you are feeling about Trump, your time to change this was before November 11th. Not after the fact. As they say, Clinton managed to steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Sheep castration. Super fun. The vet came out last Monday and castrated the sheep. He first put them under, sanitized the area, then sliced a bit of the scrotum off the bottom with a scalpel., reached in there and pulled them out, woke them back up. Even Bart the tiny sheep got them removed to. They both feeling better now, a week+ after their surgery. Also if you are feeling like donating animals that you have to a camp, please make sure they are neutered for everyone happiness and safety.

To end. Happy Christmas, today is the 15th, and when its officially okay to start celebrating Christmas. The 10 days of Christmas. Merry holidays. Enjoy the Christmas parties.



Also for dailyish photo updates of life. instagram.com/_california_chris



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