a objective look at a subjective world

(with fun pics and gifs/video)

With George Orwell’s 1984  quotes popping up on facebook as the current hot thing to post about trumps “new” america. lets take a look at the last few days of fun. to go along with all of the other yavs blogs of updating in this time of life.

now there is truth in the fact that the facebook world has currently been divided into about three different slices. truth and fact being two world that aren’t present in much of the vile and mess that is facebook, or at least my news feed.

  1. the conservative point of view. you represent what has “won” with this election. your facebook feed is often filled with older folks, some younger, posting about the greatness of trump and what he will do. you probably didn’t like Obama for what he represented but overall thought he wasn’t that bad. you have probably voted for trump on the grounds of either/or single issue politics, party lines, not hilliary clinton, he is not part of the political process, or some other reason entirely.
  2.  the neutral point of view. you have both friends that are conservative and liberal. while you probably have liberal and conservative issues that you lean to and fro, you facebook feed is literally a mess of back and forth garbage that is spewed. you might think the economy could be fixed a bit better but you also agree that women should be able to have the chance to get an abortion.
  3. the liberal. you hate. and i dont mean i hate broccoli, but actually hate the donald. you dont agree with anything he represents or what he stands for. you want to oppose him and every part of you fights him. you post and so do you freinds everything bad about him, and everyone that disagrees with you, you have already unfreinded two years ago.
  4. the only person to lose to trump was clinton and the only person that could have won against clinton was trump.

so where do we go from here.

well we need to take a step back to be able to look forward to current events.

  1. why wasn’t Hillary elected.  well. it wasnt so much a win for trump as it was a loss for Hillary. from 2008 to 2016, 10 million people did not show up to vote for Hillary as they did for Obama. Now the DNC needs to take a good hard look at why they didn’t show up to vote, to be able to win against trump in 4 years. also in the DNC with the electors and the primarys. She lost most of the states  to trump, that bernie had won in the primaries. battle ground states: many states that turned out to be battle ground states weren’t expected to be battle ground states. She did not prepare well in those states. insulting people and degrading them doesn’t bring a way of political discussion, but rather an entrenchment of ideologies. She represents everything that is wrong with politics. she didn’t have that fresh and new feel that trump had.
  2. the horseshoe theory. the fringe of being on the left or the right are actually closer in theory that moderates (hence the horseshoe shape).
  3. articles on facebook. these articles, listicles at best, are there to serve two purposes. get clicks and make money. how do they do this, writing clickbaity headlines and writing to the extremes in the most basic and unchecked format and calling it “news”. a list of why joe and barack make the best unisex couple is not news, it’s there to get clicks and make ad money.
  4. you’re not affecting anyone or doing anything by posting articles on facebook your yelling into the void. get up and do something
  5. saying trump is doing this or that has to be looked at in comparison. comparing obama to trump in their first days needs to be taken with a grain, no a block of salt. every president signs a bunch of executive orders in the first days of their presidency. yes they do vary on topic but the amount is usually the same. plus trump, like obama when he first started, has both control of the house and senate. why would he need to executive order a whole bunch of stuff that he doesn’t need to.

The march

three(4) problems that i saw

  1. to promote a way of affecting. people should have voted in the first place. I can tell you that there were people in the crowd that didn’t vote. Just because the news tells you Hillary is going to win doesn’t mean that everyone around is going to vote for her and you can relax.
  2. Micheal’s must have been very happy. think of all the poster board they sold the Friday before. it was more of a writing catchy phrases to hold up, that are repeated every 10th poster. and then get photos of you and your sign to put on facebook and reap that sweet sweet internet points.
  3. the Social Justice Warriors were strong in the crowd.  Little rock as a county voted democrat. to be able to change Arkansas to a blue state, there needs to be a spreading out of ideas and engage in discussion without name calling to raise support for the cause and change the future election.
  4. ok, you marched, i bet, 95% of those people will do absolutely nothing to actually change and affect politics.



The world is messy. Deal with it. Don’t go run and hide. Face is head on. No one is more powerful that you. Don’t hide behind the word privilege. Don’t feel exhausted after dealing with this. Everyone is and everyone else is dealing with it.




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