Sorry for the two month hiatus,

The adventures of the Little Rock Yav house have been many and with spring on the doorstep of the south, we all have been busy. Some adventures that we have taken on Fridays have been very fun and educational, sometimes both.

We went to the urban garden that one of the farmer Chris’ runs in Suburbia Little Rock

We went to the other farmer Chris’ farm/garden out at the heifer international building.

We went to Bill’s Library

We went to the actual Heifer international building and checked it out, right next to the farm out in east Little Rock

We went to the Women’s Day march at the capital

We checked out the little rock art museum, where they have very squeaky floors when you walk on them

we went to Fayetteville and went to Crystal Bridges (thank you Walmart for raking in enormous profits from your stores to help fund an art institution). On the trip we also got to hang out with the Arkansas youthminiquake, and go to the Arkansas Presbytery.  We also got to hang out at Arkansas state and walk around checking out the campus.

We went to the dump(landfill) and recycling center to know where the stuff we throw away ends up.

Katie sent out a disaster shipment of clean up buckets in late February and is going to send out a smaller one this week.

Also I got to see my parents. Admittedly it was the sod conference in Florida, however it was nice to see them around the time of my birthday.

We went to a University of Arkansas Little Rock basket ball game

Other news around camp, got most stuff planted, beets, radishes, carrots, lettus, cold weather crops. and we even got peppers and eggplants and tomatoes growing inside underneath lights until it stops freezing. we got pigs, they are julian mini pigs, so they are only going to be about 70 pounds when fully grown. oh and the worst of it all. we gave up meat for lent. its been a ….sad time around food.

but next week we will be going to baton rouge with a disaster deployment group from Missouri to help with flooded house repair.


anyways till next time




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