praise the sun

As trumps tweets age better than  a fine wine, summer is just around the corner.

We start camp in 5 days. In past years, there always has been this break of school ending and summer camp starting. But now that I’m a full time camp staff person. Its been insanely busy since March when it warmed up. There still a lot to do at the garden but hopefully I’ve got everything planted and now just taking care of it all. Also Japanese Beetles are really annoying, have I mentioned that. Sorry for not posting in a month+ but the garden is growing and trying to get everything reined in is always fun.

The purpose of the garden is to provide a place of fun for the kids. Also to show the kids that not everything has to look like it does in the store for it to still be the same kid of plant or produce. Like purple carrots, 6 different colors and kinds of tomatoes, 10 different types of peppers, 3 different types of beans, eggplants, squash, okra, sunflowers, melons, watermellons, corn and alot more. We also just harvested garlic yesterday and hopefully it will dry in a month or so and be usable.

Fun, Exploration, Growth

Scott decided to leave before summer camp got underway. He hopes to be a raft guide for the summer out in North Carolina. I wish him luck on his continued adventure. It’s currently throwing off the house gender ratio…which is always interesting.

News back home, Dad is currently living the bachelor life because Mom and Michelle are walking the Spanish road out in Spain…and then going to Finland . So if you feel pity for a grown man who can’t cook anything fancier than a steak and order pizza. Feel free to hit him up and give him dinner.

Anyways. I hope Ashley approves of this length as she will judge me if I dont write enough words. Peace out till next time. And apparently some of you actually read this based off of the numbers. WOW

Covfefe is so hawt right now

Praise the sun

praise the sun


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